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    How to create Hidden Missions


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    How to create Hidden Missions

    Post  Malakia on Mon Apr 30, 2012 9:13 am

    -*How to create Hidden Missions*-

    Hidden Missions are divided in 4 groups:

    - Individual
    - Hunting
    - Party
    - Raid Seal

    Basically to create every mission, you need:

    - The right stone
    - New/Half/Full moons
    - Seeds of power (to create/enter the mission)
    - Dowsing sticks

    Each kind of mission needs another item, depends wich one you want to create. Just double click the stone and select the mission to see wich other item you need and the quantity.

    Be sure to have enough seeds of power cause once you find the right spot and you leave the map, the signal is resetted and you'll have to do all again. The same happens if you find the spot and then you create a party.

    Let's start to explain how to find the right spot to create the mission.
    You'll need some dowsing sticks to detect it and a lot of patience. Try to find your technique, most of the players cut the map in 4x4 parts (3x3 if the map is not so big) so after you made a part and you didn't find the signal you go on with the next one.

    The red dots in this picture show you the right spot where you should use the sticks, if there are any obstacles (like the river in Sunny Meadows) just check twice in that part. It's better be sure instead of running around all the map and then realize that the spot was in the first part.

    A question mark means that the signal is too far away so you have to move in the next part of the map, an arrow will show you the direction to follow when the signal is enough close to you.
    When you find the spot you just have to double click on the stone and create the mission.

    Have fun! ^^


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