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    Nostale Glossary


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    Nostale Glossary

    Post  ken030980 on Tue May 22, 2012 5:10 pm

    I decided to take mala's idea a bit fruther, most info was gotten from Nostale Blog and from Mini-Dictionary by mala.
    I just put them together and added a couple of things of my own.

    Accessoires / Accs - You can add options via Cellons to your jewelry. They will boost certain attributes of your character.
    Account / Acc - Your very own account, please keep any data of it safe!
    Act 1 – 5 - Different worlds in the game.
    Adventurer - You begin the game as an Adventurer in NosVille. Later on you can choose between 3 classes: Swordsman, Archer or Mage.
    AFK - Away from Keyboard.
    Aggro - Monsters that attack your player on sight are considered "aggro" or aggresive. Whenever a player attacks a friendly monster, that monster will turn aggro.
    Assasin - 2nd specialist card for Archer. Uses dark element and dagger damage. High crit chance and damage. Good for pvp thanks to crit and DPS debuff
    AOE - Area of Effect – An attack that causes damage in a certain area.
    Arena – PvP map.

    Ban - Excluded from the game because of a violation of the terms and conditions.
    Baron Berios – Boss from the Light Familyraid.
    Battle Potion - Pvp mode gets enabled for your character – can be used on any map.
    Basic-SP - Points needed to use a Specialist Card. This bar gets refilled every day.
    Blade - 2nd specialist card for Swordman. Uses water element and sword damage. Good for PvP.
    Blue Mage / BM - 3rd specialist for Mage. Uses water element and orb damage. Balanced PvP, best for PvE thanks to many stuns can be support in mass PvP.
    Betting- By betting you can improve the level of a rare weapon or armor. The success is based on probabilities.
    Blessing of Ancelloan / BoA – Gives you double exp and job exp for 1 hour. Doesn't affect your pets
    Berserker / Serker - 4th specialist class for Swordman. Uses dark element and sword damage. Insanely high damage but low defense. Buff reduces his defense and consumes HP to increase even more his damage.
    Boss - A powerful monster – you have to build a team in order to defeat it (e.g. raid team).
    Bot - A computer controlled character or an external program that performs automated actions (e.g. Level Bot, Minigame Bot). The use of bots is strictly forbidden and will lead to a permanent ban.
    BRB - Be Right Back
    BTS / Hunting Time Space - Named it BTS after the icon which is a stone with a "B" on it.
    Buff - A positive effect that enhances your character.

    Calvin Coach - NPC that teaches you Skills in NosVille.
    Cash/Nosmall Item - An item purchased from NosMall.
    CC – Card Carrier
    Channel / CH - A game world (or server) is divided into different channels to distribute the workload.
    Character / Char - It's the little ingame person controled by a player
    Chat Window - Allows you to communicate with other players in the game.
    Cheater – A player who obtains benefits by illegal means (e. g. Bot Programs).
    Class Points / CP - These are required to learn skills. Everytime you rise 1 job level, you receive 2 CP (Max. 160 CP). They are also known as Skill Points.
    Classes – In NosTale you have three different classes: mage, swordsman and archer. You must be at least level 15 and job level 20 to you choose a class.
    Client – A computer program that requests data or information from a server.
    Combination / Summing – Resistances can be combined at Malcolm mix to achieve a higher elementary defense or other attributes. The success is based on probabilities.
    Contribution Points – Reward for battles with enemies in Act 4. Needed to enter the family raids in Act 4.
    Critical Hit / Crit – A critical hit causes more damage than usual.
    Crusader / Sader - 3rd specialist card for Swordman. Uses light element and crossbow damage. Created as support class with heal and buffs, but its good in LoD thanks to his triple charge buff.
    Crystal – In some missions you'll find crystal balls. Some of them open doors, others attract monsters that you'll need to defeat.

    Damage Per Second / DPS - Often refered as the damage you can make in certain amount of time. There are DPS debuffs which deal damage over time
    Dark Castra / DC (raid) - The boss from the Dark Castra Raid. The raid itself its also known as DC
    Dark Horn / DH / Flying Fire Devil - Dark horn, also known as Flying Fire Devil. The strongest boss in Nostale, you can find it in LoD and it's better if you just run when you see it.
    Dark Gunner / DG - 4th specialist card for mage. Uses dark element and (finally fixed) gun damage. Have many debuffs to slowly kill the opponent.
    Darlings - Special fairies that start at 35% but doesn't grow. They have special attributes that affect mostly minigames
    Debuff - A negative effect that affects your character or an enemy.
    Destroyer / Des - 3rd specialist card for archer. Uses fire element and bow damage. Uses bombs to attack
    Dignity / Dig – This value influences the general purchase price from NPCs. You can increase your dignity, by defeating monsters close to your level or finish Time Spaces. Defeat will decrease your dignity.
    Disconnect / dc - Involuntary separation of the network connection, you get kicked off the server.
    Drop - Items that drop from defeated monsters or from player's inventory.

    Effects - Positive or Negative status changes.
    Elements – There are four different elements, which are: fire, water, light and shadow.
    Emoticons / Simley – Strings from normal punctuation, which simulate a face and are intended to illustrate moods and emotional states of the writer. At present there are numerous NosTale images, faces with different moods. Certain key combinations you can activate it and thus show the other players at your current mood. (Alt + "letter")
    Equipment / Equip / Gear / Eq – Items that your character wears (e.g. Weapon, armor, …)
    Experience – Progress of your character (based on level).
    EXP – Experience points
    Event – A special time in the game (e.g. Halloween Event)

    Faction – There are two factions in Nostale (Angels and Demons), which compete against each other in Act 4. A player must belong to a family or a group to participate in the mass PvP at Glacernon. You can also enter individually.
    Family / Fam - A guild.
    Fairies – You increase your elemental attack when they accompany your character. Fairies are fit to the four elements fire, water, light and shadow. You can level up until they reach their maximum potential (70% for nosmall fairies and 50% for the othes).
    Farming – Repeated collecting and searching for items or gold
    FC – Frozen Crown.
    Full Moon / FM - used to upgrade your specialist cards
    Fountain of Saviour / FoS - used in LoD to revive without leaving the map, with full hp/mp and without side-effects.

    Ginseng - Xysenshrub Raid
    God Mode – A Game Master's skill that makes him/her invulnerable.
    Gold – The currency in the game
    Grinding / Lvlin – Defeating monsters over a longer period (often of the same type), in order to level up.
    Groups / Party - Up to three players can form a group together and tackle missions.

    Highscore- You can obtain a Highscore in Time Spaces, you can also use the Highscore Board in NosVille.
    Holy Mage / HM - 2nd specialist for Mage. Uses light element and orb damage. Support class, can heal and increase defense of the party. Can be a tank sometimes
    HP – Health Points

    Icebreaker/ IB – PvP event, which starts several times a day.
    Ignore / Blacklisting – If you have problems with other players, you can ignore them by using the Blacklist function.
    Imba – short for imbalanced, characters that are clearly superior to another are often referred to as "overpowered". Also, equipment or entire families can be considered "overpowered".
    Ingame Name / IGN – Your character's nickname in Nostale game.
    Instant Battle / IC – PvE event, which starts every 2 hours.
    IRC – Short for Internet Relay Chat, a chat system that is used by the NosTale team for support. The official NosTale channel can be found at

    Jelly Raid - Mother Cuby Raid
    Job level / JLv – Is required to use certain skills and Specialist.

    KFC – Chicken King raid (or Kentucky Fried Chicken…)
    Kick – Automatic log off from the server/Family for unfair play, insults, etc.

    Lady Calvina - Boss from the Water Familyraid.
    Lag – Interruptions in the flow of the game due to technical problems (e.g. link failure between the server and client). Lags create delays in the game.
    Land of Death / LoD – Family Dungeon, which is only open at certain times of the day. Is mainly used for leveling.
    Lever – Is usually necessary to open locked doors in Time Spaces.
    Loot - Term for items that are dropped by defeated enemies.
    Looting – Term for picking up items from defeated monsters or in a negative way, picking up items from other players.
    Lord Hatus – Boss from the Dark Family raid.
    Lvl – Level

    Maintenance – Server Maintenance, we are currently working on resetting or updating the server. You cannot access the server at this time.
    Malcolm Mix – NPC in NosVille, brew potions for materials, combines your resistances for you and upgrades your specialist cards.
    Master Morcos – Boss from the Fire Family raid.
    Mimi Mentor – Important NPC in NosVille, she can change your profession and lets you create a family.
    Mini Games – Mini Games in Miniland, where you can get hold of valuable items.
    Miniland – Your virtual home, where your NosMates are gathered. Here you can build buildings, create gardens, play minigames and store items. And of course you can also invite all your friends into your Miniland.
    Minimap – This shows the position of the character on the map.
    Mount / Ride - An item that makes your character moves faster (e.g. Magic carpet, Magic scooter).
    MP – Mana Points

    NosBasar / Basar - An auction house where you can buy items from other players and sell items to other players.
    NosDollars / Nos$ – The currency of the Item Shop
    NosMall - The item shop of NosTale. Here you can buy special items for NosTale such as costumes, vehicles, pets and much more.
    NosMates / Pets – The general term for pets and partners. NosMates you are actively in the fight to the side.
    NosTale – The Free Anime MMORPG
    NosVille – The village where you begin the game as an adventurer.
    NPC - Non Player Character, a computer-controlled character.

    Overpowered/OP - Equipment that is too strong in relation to others are considered to be overpowered.

    Partner / Pet - A partner is an NPC that accompanies you and fight with you. Unlike pets, they can not be captured. You can obtain partners by completing Time Spaces. You are also able to give your partner equipment and resistances. This is often considered a Pet too.
    Pets – Animal companions that you can capture or obtain through random boxes. Different from Partner even if most of times players refer to both the same way
    Pet Bead / PB / Bead : Used to trade pets. NosMall price: 19 Nos$.

    Potion / Pot – Item that recovers your MP or HP.
    Potting – The continuous use of potions.
    Private Shop – A shop that a player can open to sell items.
    Production Points – These are used to mini-games to play NosTale. With every game you consume production points, but they are charged a daily basis.
    PSA / Shops – Private Shop Area
    Pulling / Luring – Trying to make monsters approach you by walking closer or using a weapon to turn them aggro.
    PvE – Player versus Environment, fight against computer-controlled opponents (and players too in some cases like Act 4)
    PvP – Player versus Player, battle against other players only
    Party Time-Space / PTS - good for getting fame, gillion stones and money.

    Quests - Missions that you have to accomplish to get further in the story. In the game, a difference is made between main and side quests. The latter are irrelevant to the story progression. If you complete these you get extra experience points and items.
    Quest Helper – Gives you information about your current main and side quests. You open it by pressing [O].
    Quick Slots / Hotkeys – You can place objects and Skills in the Quick Slots to easily use them by pressing a quick key.

    Raid – A team activity of up to 15 players with the aim to defeat a powerful enemy (Boss Monster).
    Raid Seal – Item required to open a raid. You get it by completing special Time Spaces.
    Raid Team – The team that gets together to defeat a boss monster.
    Ranger - 1st specialist class for Archer. Uses water element and bow damage. Best range on Nostale and have the only skill that penetrates HM buff.
    Rankings – Here are all the players and families are listed, sorted by level, reputation and achievements in PvP. You can see the rankings on the NosTale Website.
    Rainbow Battle / RCB - Several times a day held PvP battle, putting two teams of 10-15 members against each other.
    Red mage / RM / Fire mage - 1st specialist card for Mage. Uses fire element and orb damage. Have many AoE attacks and a couple of DPS debuffs.
    Resistance / Res – You can reduce the damage of elemental attacks. NosTale provides shoes and gloves to support resistance. When you combine different resistances, you can achieve higher elemental defense.
    Respawn – Refers to the reappearance of defeated enemies or other players when they were defeated.
    RL – An acronym for Real Life.
    Reputation / Rep – You need a certain reputation for being able to use Specialist Cards. You can improve this by defeating Time Spaces. You can also gain reputation by defeating other players in Frozen Crown.

    Shells - Can be attached to weapons and armor to add certain attributes.
    Skill Points / Points – Received when your Specialist card gains job levels. Can be distributed to various attributes in order to make your Specialist stronger.
    Speaker / Spkr – With this Cash Item you can send a message to the whole channel.
    Specialist Card / SP card / SP – Each class has four separate specialist cards fit to the various elements. In addition, there are four fun specialists cards. All SP-cards can be acquired by quests or raids.
    Specialist Points – Any attack with an SP card requires specialist points. If you aee out of SP Points, then you cannot use your SP card anymore. You can still use it if you have Extra SP Points. The Specialist Points don't decrease with "Fun" SP Cards.
    Stats – Abbreviation for Statistics, This means that the attributes of a character (e.g. the values ​​for hit points, magic points, attack, defense, etc.).
    Stunning – Put an opponent out of action for some time. (e.g. Blackout, Freeze, Shock)
    System Options – Offers you the opportunity to adjust graphics, sound and notifications.

    Tank - A player who can take multiple hits from one or more enemies while other players attack them. (I like to think of them as meatshields)
    Time Spaces / TS – Missions to be completed within a given time. They are important if you want to advance in the story. There are also special Time Spaces, where you can get hold of seal for raids or valuable items.
    Titus Trip - NPC, which you can meet in any city in NosTale. He can take you into the Arena.

    Upgrading - Upgrade your equipment to improve your attack or your defense. The success is based on probabilities.
    User Interface / UI – Allows control of the game (e.g. through buttons, quest window, quick slots), and shows different character and monster information, and the bar for experience points.

    Warehouse - Can be built in your Miniland and serves for the storage of items. With the warehouse you can trade your items over to your other characters on the same account.
    Warrior / War - 1st specialist card for Swordman. Uses fire element and sword damage. Best in defensive skills to tank enemies
    Wedding – In NosTale you can get married.
    Wild Keeper / WK - The 4th specialist card for archer class. It uses light element and bow damage. Have a large number of AoE attacks.

    Credits to: Nostale UK team (And probably Nostale DE team) for the information provided on their blog mentioned above.
    Malakia for her mini-dictionary on this forum

    Disclaimer: I do not own the pictures used in here. The credit is for their creators/owners. Nostale and the pictures used here belong to Gameforge, Gameforge 4D and Entwell Co.

    === Temporal Notes ===
    Missing: Bushy, Jaja, Najamu, Chicken sp, Pajama, Pirate, Snowman Raid.
    Just let me know if you find something else i'm missing (As long as is not an item-by-item full list)

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    Re: Nostale Glossary

    Post  Revengerz007 on Sun May 27, 2012 2:52 pm

    Dayum son, u must have been reaaaaaaal bored Mad
    BUT, nice info mate. Very well done.

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